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Grants support new concepts in teaching

Engineering students will soon benefit from enhanced instruction in two university courses thanks to grants recently awarded to two CEGE faculty and staff members. Nan Hu, Assistant Professor of Structural Engineering, and Barry Tolchin, Academic Advisor, were selected as fellows in the 2018-2019 Ohio State Teaching Enhancement Programs (OSTEP) sponsored by the University Center for the Advancement of Teaching (UCAT).


Professor Nan HuProfessor Hu and Mr. Tolchin will serve, for one year, as part of what UCAT calls " a transdisciplinary community of peers, who explore a variety of issues in university teaching, enhance their own teaching, and support the teaching of their colleagues." Each fellow received funding to support professional development activitities related to these instructional enhancement projects.

Nan Hu was selected to participate in the Course Design Learning Community, which empasizes "making data-driven improvements to a particular course as part of a community of peers." He will utilize OSTEP resources to incorporate a new learning module on protoyping using 3D printing into course instruction for CIVILEN 3310 (Structural Engineering Principles) in autumn semester of 2018.

Barry Tolchin (L), confers with Joshua Bals, CEGE student, at a recent welcome event.Barry Tolchin, as part of the inaugural class of Active Classroom Learning Community (ACLC) fellows, will redesign the University Survey course for first-semester freshman and transfer students in Engineering. Using knowledge cultivated through his completion of a UCAT Course Design Institute and experience gained by teaching in one of Ohio State's Active Classroom Spaces, he intends to create a more interactive experience for University Survey students. "I want students to take more ownership of not only how, but what they learn in the course," he said.


Members of the ACLC also presented tips, advice, as well as their own personal experiences from the program at the 2018 Innovate Conference. In addition, Barry received an instructional enhancement grant to support his course redesign efforts. He will use funding from this grant to attend the 2018 National Conference for the National Association of Academic Advisors (NACADA), where he will gather additional information about creating a more inclusive and engaging atmosphere for students, both inside and outside the classroom.