Alumni Society

There are currently approximately 200 members in the Ohio State Civil Engineering Alumni Society.
The goal of the Civil Engineering Alumni Society is to assure that the students receive a great education; assist the faculty to achieve this; and connect alumni to each other and back to The Ohio State University. The Alumni Society has awarded 36 scholarships to civil engineering students, donated funding for student teams, and hosted the annual Hockey Night Mixer for students, faculty and alumni.
Whether or not you graduated from Ohio State, you are eligible for membership in the organization. Visit their web site
Thanks to all who have signed up for membership to the Civil Engineering Alumni Society this year. For those who haven’t yet, the membership form is here. We hope you join and become a supporting member!

Scholarship Fund

OSUCEAA Scholarship Fund

Established in 2002, by OSUCEAA. The income supports deserving undergraduate students in civil or environmental engineering.