Combined BS/MS Degree Programs

Combined BS/MS Degree Programs in Civil, Environmental & Geodetic Engineering

The combined degree program provides exceptional OSU Undergraduate students an opportunity to double-count credit from their undergraduate studies towards a graduate or professional degree in the Civil, Environmental and Geodetic Engineering Department.

When enrolled in the combined BS/MS program, a student is eligible to double-count up to 9 semester credit hours of coursework towards both their BS and MS degrees.


Who can apply to the combined degree program? 

Students must be enrolled in the Civil Engineering or Environmental Engineering BS program

Students must have earned at least 90 cumulative semester hours

Students must have a 3.50 cumulative grade-point average or better in all previous undergraduate coursework

Which courses can be used? 

All undergraduate requirements in the student's respective program must still be met. In order to receive graduate credit the courses must be letter-graded and meet the following requirements:

  • Must be 5000-level or higher
  • Courses must be scheduled at the undergraduate career level
  • Courses can only be double-counted after admission to the BS/MS program; no coursework from previous semesters may be double-counted
  • Up to 9 credit hours may be double-counted

Application Process

The student should discuss with their undergraduate advisor to make sure all degree requirements are being met for the undergraduate degree.

Next, the student will apply to the Civil Engineering MS graduate program or the Professional MS in Structural Engineering program in the Civil, Environmental & Geodetic Engineering Department, following the regular graduate admission process.  Please see the CEGSP Admissions page.

Next, the student will submit the Combined BS/MS form on GradForms and indicate which course(s) will be double-counted.  You will not be able to edit the form after submitting it, so you will want to plan your coursework carefully.