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Undergraduate Academic Advising

The CEGE Undergraduate Academic Advising team is dedicated to supporting students in Civil, Environmental and Geodetic Engineering in their educational pursuits. The student-advisor partnership can have an important impact on a student’s academic success and we encourage students to utilize the advising resources in planning an all-around enriching educational experience here at OSU.  For more information regarding academic advising and student resources please visit Engineering Advising.

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Scheduling an Undergraduate Advising Appointment

New to OnCourse? Watch this tutorial on how to schedule an advising appointment.

Are you a graduate student?  Visit Civil Engineering Graduate Studies Program (CEGSP)

or contact Gail Morris, Graduate Program Coordinator.

Advising Office

The CEGE Undergraduate Academic Advising Office is located in 436 Bolz Hall. The Advising Office is open during normal University hours and during academic breaks, but not during University holidays.

Advising Office Front Desk - (614) 688-7506

Advising Appointments

Currently, we do not offer walk in appointments, but we have 15 and 30-minute appointment options.

Students who need to speak to an advisor for single semester course planning, graduation, and other quick questions are asked to schedule a 15-minute appointment with advisors.

Students who need to speak to an advisor for long-term course planning,  financial aid appeals, reinstatement petitions, etc. are required to schedule a 30-minute appointment with advisors.

PLEASE NOTE: If you schedule a 15-minute appointment, you MUST arrive on time for your appointment. Any student who arrives more than 5 minutes late will be asked to reschedule their appointment.


If you have a quick question and you don’t want to schedule an appointment, please feel free to email your advisor. Please do not email complicated scheduling questions.

If you’d like to schedule an appointment with an advisor, it is recommended that you email at least 3 business days prior. Please make sure to always include your name.# as well as appropriate contact information.



Why Meet with an Advisor?

  • Request information about academic programs
  • Clarify academic requirements, policies and procedures
  • Discuss academic difficulties and concerns
  • Long-term course planning and assistance with filling out forms

Advising Appointment Expectations

What is the student’s role in the advising partnership?
  • Know curriculum, audit academic records and complete program requirements
  • Understand how actions affect your status
  • Come to advising appointments prepared (DARs printed, forms filled out as necessary, course projections completed, etc.
  • Ask questions and seek help before a situation escalates
What is the advisor’s role in the advising partnership?
  • Provide accurate information
  • Listen to concerns, provide guidance and make referrals
  • Assist with course planning, help with goal setting, encourage career exploration



A seated, female student types on a laptop.

CEGE Undergraduate Academic Advisors offer 15 and 30 minute appointments. Schedule your appointment today via OnCourse.

We do not currently offer walk-in appointments.

Undergraduate Academic Advisors

Melissa Crohen portrait
Melissa Crohen

Academic Advisor

  • First and Second Year students​

Liz Riter
Senior Academic Advisor
(614) 247-7636

  • Current undergraduate Civil and Environmental Engineering majors and pre-majors

Barry Tolchin
Manager, Academic Advising
(614) 292-5103
  • Current undergraduate Civil and Environmental Engineering majors
  • Prospective Ohio State undergraduate students and their families