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Jim Stagge

  • Assistant Professor, Civil, Envir & Geod Eng
  • 614-247-247-0085
    417E Hitchcock Hall, 2070 Neil Avenue
    Columbus, OH 43210


Dr. Stagge is a civil engineer and hydrologist with research interests in hydrologic extremes and managing water resources to decrease drought vulnerability.

Dr. Stagge's research group models drought risk across long time scales, either by generating long synthetic time series or by linking centuries of pre-Industrial reconstructions with modern observations and climate change projections. This long temporal scale is critical for understanding changing trends in drought and other natural hazards that are, by definition, rare.

Research Interests

  • Indices and measurement of hydrologic drought
  • Reconstruction of flow and drought using tree-rings
  • Climate change impacts on water resource availability
  • Societal, economic, and environmental impacts of drought
  • Water management and reservoir optimization


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    Top 100 Earth Science papers in Scientific Reports for 2017.

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    Top Cited Invited Commentary published by Hydrological Processes in 2016.



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Journal Articles


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Papers in Proceedings



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