Current Undergraduate Students

All students who have declared their interest in civil or environmental engineering, but have not yet been admitted to the major are designated as pre-major students.  Pre-major students are working toward the completion of the pre-requisite coursework.  Because admission to the major is competitive, it is important that pre-major students closely monitor their EPHR (eligibility point-hour ratio) and see their academic advisor if they experience any academic struggles.

Pre-major students are also encouraged to start exploring the opportunities available to them outside of their coursework, such as student project teams, the Engineering Co-op & Internship Program, or other university organizations.

Internal transition from another Ohio State college or regional campus

Current Ohio State students on the Columbus campus must meet these requirements for admission into the College of Engineering pre-major program:

  • 2.5 Ohio State GPA
  • C- or higher in MATH 1151
  • Credit for one of the following courses:
    • CHEMISTRY 1210
    • CHEMISTRY 1250
    • PHYSICS 1250
    • BIOLOGY 2100
  • 1 semester of full-time enrollment as an undergraduate student at Ohio State 

Students enrolled in the College of Engineering who start on the regional campus must meet the campus change requirement before starting on the Columbus campus.

Students who meet the admission criteria and wish to enroll in the College of Engineering, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering should contact an academic advisor to schedule an appointment.


Standards of Academic Performance (SAP)