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Subjectsort descendingCourse NumberCourse NameUnits
Civil Engineering5320Intermediate Structural Steel Design3
Civil Engineering5350Intermediate Reinforced Concrete Design3
Civil Engineering5360Bridge Engineering3
Civil Engineering5370Prestressed Concrete Design3
Civil Engineering5390Knowledge-Based Systems in Engineering2
Civil Engineering5410Engineering Surveying3
Civil Engineering5411Legal Aspects of Surveying4
Civil Engineering5412Land Boundary & Development Principles4
Civil Engineering5420Remote Sensing of Environment3
Civil Engineering5421Spatial Analysis Techniques for Civil Engineering3
Civil Engineering5422Terrain Analysis3
Civil Engineering5431GIS and Cartographic Engineering4
Civil Engineering5441Introduction to GPS: Theory and Applications3
Civil Engineering5461Geospatial Numerical Analysis4
Civil Engineering5561Rock Mechanics, Slope Stability and Retaining Structures3
Civil Engineering5571Principles of Foundation Analysis and Design3
Civil Engineering5610.01Sustainable Infrastructure for Developing Rural Communities3
Civil Engineering5700Urban Transportation Demand Forecasting3
Civil Engineering5720Transportation Engineering Data Collection Studies3
Civil Engineering5730Highway Location and Design3
Civil Engineering5740Design and Operation of Road Traffic Facilities3
Civil Engineering5750Instrumentation, Signals, and Control in Transportation Applications3
Civil Engineering5760Network Metrics and Control in Transportation Systems3
Civil Engineering5770Urban Public Transportation3
Civil Engineering5780Seminar in Transportation Engineering and Planning1