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Undergraduate Transfer Credit

Please DO NOT send transcripts to the Department of Civil, Environmental, and Geodetic Engineering.  Official transcripts for all undergraduate courses (even courses outside of the CEGE department) should be sent to:

The Ohio State University - Undergraduate Admissions and First Year Experience

Course Applicability System

Students interested in taking courses at another institution and transferring the credit to OSU can use an online applicability system, referred to as transferology. This free online system allows students to identify courses that may transfer and potentially be used to fulfill curriculum requirements of an academic program at OSU. 

Please note that a course may have been identified as an equivalent course at OSU, but it may not actually be used to fulfill any of the requirements of a particular degree program. If your goal is to transfer to The Ohio State University, we recommend that you review the curriculum available online for the academic program of interest at OSU for guidance in planning courses at another institution.

General Education (GEs), Math, Physics, Chemistry and other Departments for Pre-Majors

Most Departments on campus will have their own policies and procedures for evaluating transfer courses. Once you have had an opportunity to review your Transfer Credit Report, available on Buckeye Link,  it is recommended that you review the Department transfer credit websites for individual department procedures on submitting coursework for evaluation. You should expect to submit at least a copy of your syllabus for each of the courses being reviewed. A ‘course description’ from the university or college’s website will most likely not be considered.

Transfer students interested in Civil and Environmental Enginering will most likely need to speak with the Transfer Credit Coordinator in the department for which they need the credit evaluated.  Common departments in which CEG students need courses evaluated include:

Civil Engineering and Environmental Engineering courses

Students who wish to have Civil Engineering or Environmental Engineering undergraduate coursework further evaluated by the Department may submit the following items to Barry Tolchin, Academic Advisor, in 495 Hitchcock Hall. Barry will distribute the materials to the appropriate faculty member for review.

  1. Transfer Credit Evaluation Request Form
  2. Copy of the syllabus for each course you wish to have evaluated by the CEG Faculty. (required)
  3. Copy of the front cover of the main textbook for each course (recommended)
  4. Copy of your OSU Transfer Credit Report  available on Buckeye Link (official transcript NOT needed)

For more information on transfer credit matters, please refer to the University Registrar's website: