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Civil Engineering Career Information

Photo credit: College of Engineering. (l to r) State Rep. Al Landis, Brian Newton, AEP environmental engineer and Ohio State civil engineering alumnus, Ohio State University President Dr. Michael V. Drake, M.D., and Prof. Tarunjit Butalia celebrate during President Drake's visit to the research site June 26 as part of his State Tour.

Civil Engineering Careers

Civil engineering is a diverse field in engineering - in fact, it is one of the oldest engineering disciplines, and is the third oldest program at OSU.

  • Students study topics ranging from fluid mechanics to structural analysis to reinforced concrete design and beyond.
  • CE graduates find jobs in an equally diverse market; some work closely with other engineering disciplines, while others may work in the design of bridges or roadways, to name a few.
  • Civil Engineers find themselves as project managers, researchers, teachers, and of course, performing pure Civil Engineering duties.

Professional Opportunities

Why study Civil Engineering?  Civil engineers design, build and maintain the foundation of our society.  They work on bridges, roadways, drinking water and energy systems, airport planning and design, infastructure and much more.

  • Starting salaries for Ohio State Civil Engineering graduates averaged $56,034 from 2015-2016.
  • Employers of these graduates included: AECOM, Grunley Construction, Kiewit Corp., Messer Construction, Turner Construction, the City of Columbus, and more.

Co-ops and Internships

Ohio State Civil Engineering students are encouraged to incorporate one or more co-ops or internships into their normal course work.

  • We recommend that students register with Engineering Career Services (ECS) towards the end of their freshman year.
  • Students should set up an appointment with their advisor to discuss how a co-op or internship may impact their academics.
  • The average co-op and internship wage for Ohio State Civil Engineering students from 2015-2016 was $14.25 an hour.
  • Employers of co-ops and internships include: ODOT, City of Columbus, Corna Kokosing Construction, Franklin County, Kokosing Construction, Professional Services Industry (PSI), Speedway, Turner Construction, and more.

Exploring Civil Engineering

Furthermore, at Ohio State, you can enroll as a pre-major in Civil Engineering and get involved in one of our affiliated student projects to be sure you get exposed to what CE is all about early on. If your interests change at some point and decide that CE really isn't for you, the prerequisites for our program often transfer over to other fields of study, especially the other fields of engineering - giving you flexibility to change your mind.