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Internships & Co-Ops

Engineering Career Services (ECS) offers services to all Ohio State engineering students.  We recommend that you register with the Co-op and Internship Program at the end of your freshman year and then continue with the Graduating Students Program as you approach your senior year.  

CEGE students should schedule an appointment with a CEGE advisor to discuss how a co-op or internship may impact their academics

Why should everyone register with ECS? 

In engineering disciplines, relevant co-op and internship experience is a near necessity for employment at graduation.  While ECS can't guarantee everyone a job, ECS provides the best opportunities for students to get co-ops and internships, and ultimately to land that perfect job after graduation.   

ECS has established relationships with hundreds of local, regional, and national employers including several top Aerospace companies.  When these employers come to Engineering Career Services, they are there to hire and they want Ohio State engineering students.  Compare that to a career fair where not all the employers present are actually hiring, or to a "wanted" ad where you are potentially competing against hundreds of experienced applicants.  

If you are looking for a co-op, internship, or full-time position, ECS offers the greatest yield of opportunities for your effort, and that is something any engineering student can appreciate.

Need another reason to join?

  • Knowledgeable, experienced, and a caring professional staff are available for individual consultations to help with resumes and any aspect of job searching.
  • The web-based software used to help students and employers connect is the finest currently available.  Students can search through opportunities targeted at them from their own home.
  • Students can learn and improve their interviewing skills through workshops, individual feedback, mock interviews, and coaching.
  • Career Services provides print and on-line resources for all aspects of the job search.

Alumni Success Stories

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