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Society of Environmental Engineers

The Society of Environmental Engineers is a professional organization
committed to bringing together students with a common interest in
Environmental Engineering, and providing them with networking
opportunities, and opportunities to engage in the community while serving
the environment. It is an umbrella organization that houses the
following former student organizations: the American Academy of
Environmental Engineers, the Water Environment Federation, and the
American Water Works Association.

Officers for the 2016-17 Academic Year

President                 Megan Patterson ( )

Co-Vice President   Audrey Stallworth

Co-Vice President   Cheyney Zhou

Treasurer                 Austin Rechner

Social Chair             Jessica Hespen


SEE Officers, 2016-2017 (left to right):Jessica Hespen, Cheyney Zhou, Megan Patterson, Austin Rechner and Audrey Stallworth 

Annual Events

  • Fall Tour (Wastewater treatment plant, Conservatory, etc.)
  • OWEA Watershed Workshop
  • Pumpkin Carving Competition
  • ASCE Environmental Competition
  • Earth Day documentary
  • Professional Networking Social
  • Mentor Program

Faculty Advisor

Paula Mouser ( )

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