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Space-based geodetic observation

Professor Lei Wang’s research focuses on geodesy, the science of measurement of the size, shape, rotation and gravitational field of the Earth. 

Lei Wang specializes in acquiring, analyzing and interpreting space-based geodetic observation, such as GNSS and satellite gravity. He is interested in the application of various geodetic measurements in the engineering and scientific problems over a range of spatial and temporal scales, including:

  • High-precision GNSS positioning and navigation
  • Crustal deformation associated with earthquake, plate tectonics and volcanos
  • Sea level changes
  • Hydrology and continental water storage
  • Ice mass balance, and motion of glaciers

Past research efforts and collaborations have included the integration of multiple types of geodetic data (satellite gravity, tide gauge, GPS, satellite altimetry) for simultaneous estimation of temporally and spatially variable ice mass melting and glacial isostatic adjustment and the devlopment of high-precision GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) static and kinematic positioning.