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Impact of shale gas development on the environment

Dr. Zuzana Bohrerova is an environmental microbiologist and engineer. She uses field sampling and laboratory experiments in combination with microbiology and molecular biology methods to answer questions about microbial recovery after engineered and natural stresses, such as disinfection.

Her recent projects cover topics such as determining the effectiveness of ultraviolet light disinfection for biofilm reduction in window farm systems; and investigating the changes in E. coli concentrations and human fecal pollutions markers in riverine systems after small head dam removal. Her work has application in areas of fresh food industry, water treatment, stormwater management and public health.

Furthermore, she is an associate director of the Ohio Water Resources Center and leads interdisciplinary group of researchers interested in the effects of shale gas development on the environment (

Her other responsibilities include teaching environmental engineering courses and managing the safety of the environmental engineering laboratories.