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Increasing sustainability of concrete construction materials through the use of alternative cementitious materials

Dr. Lisa Burris' current research is focused on increasing the sustainability of concrete construction through the use of innovative novel alternative cementitious materials (ACMs) for use in traffic infrastructure such as bridge decks and pavements. Her work, specifically, has focused on characterization of ACM properties and understanding the relationship between hydration and development of properties related to strength and durability of ACM concrete mixtures so that they can be more effectively, more efficiently, and more often, with less risk.



Use of ACMs is part of a multi-faceted approach to reducing greenhouse gas emissions associated with concrete construction while increasing the durability
and resiliency of concrete systems through the use of materials that are less impacted by the chemical reactions which degrade portland cements structures, enable better cold weather construction, and reduce road closure durations by utilizing ACM rapid strength gain properties.

The findings of this work will move ACMs from usage as small-scale repair materials into mainstream use. It also has the opportunity to impact the construction industry with the development of new materials testing methods and performance specifications enabling departments of transportation and other government agencies to implement and use these materials effectively.