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Environmental Engineering

Members of Ohio State's environmental engineering faculty are focused in several research areas, including:

  • Optimization of advanced oxidation processes
  • Engineered and natural photochemical transformation of pollutants
  • Fate and transport of manufactured nanomaterials
  • Drinking water membrane treatment
  • Interactions between energy and environmental systems and policy
  • Sediment remediation
  • Mitigation of acid mine drainage
  • Coal combustion byproduct reuse
  • Contaminant transport in groundwater and surface water
  • Ecological engineering mechanisms that control the interaction between the atmosphere and the land surface
  • 3D modeling of coastal and ocean surfaces
  • Research on unit processes
  • Environmental studies on applied chemistry and biology

The Department of Civil, Environmental and Geodetic Engineering is also home to the Ohio Water Resources Center, the federally-authorized and state-designated Water Resources Research Institute for the State of Ohio. 


The Ohio State University Environmental Engineering program is seeking highly motivated Master’s and Doctoral students to conduct graduate research across a range of state and federally-funded energy, environmental, and water resources related projects.