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Air quality research

The May Research Group focuses on air quality, a transdisciplinary subject that includes elements of not only environmental engineering, but also chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, atmospheric science, chemistry, physics, public health, and public policy. Thus, Dr. Andrew May’s research spans a broad spectrum of topics, ranging from the characterization of pollutant emissions from combustion sources to the understanding of atmospheric photochemical processes to the quantification of human exposure to air pollution.

Active projects include the deployment of low-cost air quality sensors on the OSU Campus Area Bus Service buses to measure air pollution over a regular, repeated pattern on the road (in collaboration with Drs. Mishalani and McCord, leaders of Ohio State's Campus Transit Lab, and Dr. Gaj Sivandran, Loyola University, Chicago, and the investigation of uncertainties between different black-carbon-detecting instrumentation during the NOAA-sponsored Fire Influence on Regional and Global Environments Experiment campaign (in collaboration with Dr. Gavin McMeeking of Handix Scientific, LLC).