IEQ Lab at The Ohio State University

Our goal is to gain understanding of chemical and microbial processes in our indoor environments that impact human health.

We do this by:

1) improving the mechanistic understanding of processes occurring in the indoor environment;

2) improving measurement to make it more accessible or identifying what we need to measure;

3) discovering new associations between environmental measurement and disease.

This work is inherently interdisciplinary, and we collaborate with individuals both in our departments and across disciplines. Our work involves chamber studies of microbial processes on building materials, field work, and collaboration with epidemiologists for determination of associations with health.

Our research group using molecular methods and –omics approaches to tackle important challenges in society to both better understand the link between indoor environmental exposures and health, and also to make measurement of indoor contaminants more accessible.  The lab space is designed specifically for handling and analysis of precious samples to prevent ambient contamination, complete with a clean room. Our cutting-edge equipment includes a QuantStudio 6 real-time PCR machine, a QuantStudio 3D digital PCR machine, and a Synergy HTX microplate reader.

Previous work has been conducted in the following areas: