Since 2011, OSU researchers have been working closely with the Ohio Coal Association and the regulatory community to advance Ohio’s Remining Program. The Duck Creek Watershed study, completed in 2015, is the first study in Ohio that chronicles the environmental improvements in this watershed over time, largely attributed to remining. Read the Final Report HERE.

A companion report is also available that documents OSU’s participation with Ohio’s Remining Task Force in 2011 and 2012. Read the Final Report HERE.

A third, completed report provides an assessment of stream resources at regulated, coal mine sites, that includes one remining site. Read the final report HERE.

Currently, OSU researchers have embarked upon a related study funded by the OCDO Consortium. The overall objective of this study is to advance technologies and regulatory policies to mitigate acid mine drainage by collaborating with Ohio coal mine operators and regulatory authorities to increase secondary coal recovery from discounted and often ignored coal reserves, that are sources of acid mine drainage. 

Our outreach and educational components of this study include the production of remining fact sheets developed in cooperation with Ohio’s Remining Task Force administered by the ODNR, Division of Mineral Resource Management. A history and brief summary regarding remining is also provided. Read the summary HERE

Noble remining
Mine spoil from past legacy mining.
Noble remining
Active mining and daylighting of previous mining auger holes.
Noble remining
Post mining and reclamation of the site.


CCP Program Remining Overview

View and download fact sheets below: