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Professional Land Surveyors of Ohio

About our organization

The purpose of Professional Land Surveyors of Ohio (PLSO) is to get students interested in the surveying profession and to help them to see the importance and value of what surveyors contribute to the field.

Dedicated to the advancement of the surveying profession at OSU, the chapter is directly involved with policy development at PLSO, through its delegates to the PLSO Executive Committee. Various social activities are also held throughout the year.

Ohio State Student Chapter | Officers

President          Chad Leadbeter ( )
Vice-President  Charles Kotten ( )
Secretary          Jacob Nill ( )
Treasurer          John Moody ( )
1st Delegate      Kyle O'Hara ( )
2nd Delegate    Dane Rini ( )
3rd Delegate     Dakota Church ( )

Chapter Advisors

Dean C. Ringle, P.S., P.E. ( )
Robert J. Mergel, P.S., P.E. ( )


Please contact an officer or advisor to learn more PLSO.