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Matthew Sullivan

  • Professor, Evol, Ecology & Org Biology
  • Professor, Civil, Envir & Geod Eng
  • IDI Thematic Program Director, OR - IDI
  • Professor, Microbiology Admin
  • Riffe Bldg Room 914
    496 W. 12th Ave.
    Columbus, OH 43201
  • 614-247-1616


Dr. Matthew B. Sullivan's research focus is on the co-evolution of microbe and virus (phage) in environmental populations, as well as the impact of marine phages on microbe-mediated global biogeochemistry. Genomics and model-systems-based experimentation revealed that cyanobacterial phages often contain host photosynthesis genes, which are expressed during infection and act as a diversity generator for their numerically-dominant, globally-distributed phtosynthetic hosts. Using a genomic and metagenomic toolkit, we query 'wild' viral populations to identify important hypotheses that can be evaluated using model-system approaches with appropriate phage isolates.

The Sullivan lab is also developing sing-cell assays to investigate questions that are critical for modeling and predicting the impoacts of phage-host interactions in the wild. Specifically, these include gaining an understanding of the in situ host range of phage isolates, the metabolic capacity of to-date uncultured phage-host systems, the impacts of host growth status on phage production, and the fraction of microbial cells that are infected in wild populations.

Research interests and areas of expertise:

  • Phage Ecology and Evolution
  • Phage-host Interaction biology
  • Phage Discovery through (meta)genomics




  • May, 2013-
    May, 2018

    Marine Microbiology Initiative Investigator Award.

  • September, 2015

    Post-doctoral mentor award.

  • September, 2014

    Undergraduate mentor award.

  • October, 2013

    Kavli Fronteirs in Science Fellow.

  • August, 1998-
    August, 1999

    Fulbright Scholarship.



  • 2014. "The Phage Metagenomic Revolution." In Life in Our Phage World,

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