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Natalie Hull

  • Assistant Professor, Civil, Envir & Geod Eng
  • 614-292-1612
    417C Hitchcock Hall, 2070 Neil Avenue
    Columbus, OH 43210


Professor Hull received her PhD in Environmental Engineering at the University of Colorado, Boulder, where she studied mechanisms of water disinfection by ultraviolet light and applications for small water systems as part of the DeRISK Center.

She earned a BS in Civil Engineering from the University of Kentucky and an MS in Civil Engineering with Environmental Specialization from CU Boulder. Her research interests include the application of emerging molecular biology tools, novel sensors, big data analyses, and optimized treatment technologies to better understand and control microbiomes in natural and engineered waters.

Dr. Hull serves as principal investigator for the Water TEAM (Treatment Engineering and Microbiome) Research Group at Ohio State.

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Journal Articles


  • Claeys, T.A.; Rosas Mejia, O.; Marshall, S.; Jarzembowski, J.A. et al., 2019, "TH cells' capacity for TH1 and TH17 differentiation is attenuated in children with nontuberculous mycobacteria infection.." J Infect Dis