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CEGE External Advisory Board

The Civil, Environmental and Geodetic Engineering (CEGE) Advisory Board was formed in 2014.

The advisory board is comprised of distinguished business and industry leaders who will advise the department on current and future issues, trends, demands and opportunities in the civil engineering field. 

By sharing feedback, recommending departmental strategy and offering opportunities for student and faculty engagement, the Board will help ensure an exceptional and robust engineering education at all levels.


Intern & Co-op Committee - outreach

  • Daniel Geers, Lead
  • Luke Frantz
  • Megan O’Callaghan
  • Jim Smith

Facilities & Infrastructure Committee

  • Greg Comfort, Lead
  • C. K. Satyapriya
Center for Excellence (Energy & Environment) Committee

fellowship funding and research and development funding

  • Jim Barna, Lead
  • Ron Shultz
  • Sugu Suguness
  • Matt Tin