Burris, Lisa


Dr. Lisa Burris' current research is focused on increasing the sustainability of concrete construction through the use of novel supplementary cementitious materials (SCMs) and alternative cementitious materials (ACMs) for use in traffic infrastructure such as bridge decks and pavements. Her work, specifically, has focused on characterization of SCM and ACM properties and understanding the relationship between hydration and development of properties related to strength and durability of concrete mixtures so that they can be used more effectively, more efficiently, and more often, with less risk.

Dr. Burris is also interested in:

  • Understanding the influence of chemical composition and phase content on performance of cementitious materials systems.
  • Developing and optimizing new cement formulations with smaller CO2 production footprints.
  • Understanding the physical and chemical processes involved in durability issues such as sulfate attack, alkali silica reaction, and damage resulting from freezing and thawing.
  • Investigating methods for prevention of distress, and when it occurs, repairing and rehabilitating structures affected by durability issues.
  • Increasing utilization of cement fillers (such as fly ash and natural pozzolans) in concrete mixtures to offset landfilling while lowering construction costs.
  • Determining the feasibility of upscaling new systems for use in large scale structures (moving discoveries from the lab into real world usage).
  • Understanding use of rapid repair materials in construction to decrease construction time and costs.