CABS bus routes, 2011-2012

For the last two years, Campus Area Bus Service (CABS) staff requested that the Campus Transit Lab (CTL) researchers assist in the scheduling for the bus routes on campus. The stop-to-stop travel times retrieved from the Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) data were used to piece together a schedule for the routes on campus. The schedules were computed so that the passengers' waiting times would be minimized. Constraints from other routes were considered as updates were made, and the most efficient schedule was produced.

CABS staff used the Origin-Destination (OD) flow patterns produced using CTL to justify and design a new bus route that was put in service in autumn 2010. In addition, the AVL data were used by CTL investigators to assess stop-to-stop travel time reliability. These assessments were used to develop new service schedules that take into account variations in travel time. In addition, the partnership among the CTL researchers, operators, and technology providers has led to technological improvements already implemented at metropolitan transit agencies. Furthermore, the operators and technology providers serve as stakeholders on an advisory committee for a Federal Transit Administration funded research program at OSU.

The research team is also using Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA), Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (LA metro), Automatic Passenger Counter (APC), and Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) data to demonstrate the applications of new methodologies. Such results are expected to provide meaningful services.