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OSU-US DOT Partnership in Research

[[{"attributes":{},"fields":{}}]]Ohio State and the US Department of Transportation have recent collaborated on three projects. The first, the Transit ITS Pilot Research Program, a $1.8M is a 4-year project and is expected to improve transit and general transportation operations by transforming presently collected data from existing transit buses. The team also determined the technical feasibility and potential value of further pursuing the novel idea of collecting traffic information from bus fleets or other publicly operated fleets of vehicles.

The second study, CRESTA (Consortium for Remote Sensing of Traffic Activities), a $1.3M 2-year program, studied patterns in the times trucks take to cross international borders. The data produced can be transferred to other international border crossings, where data are otherwise difficult and expensive to collect.

NEXTRANS, a $1.2M study over 3 years, promoted transportation research, education and research. The University Transportation Center (UTC) is focused on the application of emerging sensing and information technologies to improve transportation planning, operations, and service provision.

Here is Issue 4.2 of the NEXTRANSporter, the newsletter for the NEXTRANS Center (USDOT Region V Regional University Transportation Center).  This edition features the Center’s most recent research, education and technology transfer activities.  Professor Mark McCord is featured on page 4 in Research Spotlight.