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A Buckeye in the classroom and on the court

Third-year student Asia Doss has been a crucial member of the Ohio State women’s basketball team for three seasons, but this semester she took on a new title—civil engineering major.

Pursuing a career in engineering has always been the plan for the student athlete and she made her goals clear before committing to Ohio State.

“I like structures and seeing how things work,” said Doss. “I like hands-on things. I’ve been that way since I was really young.”

Juggling a rigorous course load and intensive practice schedule is a challenge many students never have to face. Learning time-management skills has been crucial for Doss to be a member of the 2017 Big Ten Conference Champions and keep up with a curriculum that can feel like a full-court press on occasion.

“You get fatigued especially after a game or being on the road, but at the end of the day you still have stuff to do,” Doss said. “A lot of stuff is due on Mondays, so I want to take the weekend after games to relax, but I can’t.”

Balancing the discipline demanded from collegiate athletes and the commitment to schoolwork is possible for Doss through organization and attempting to keep a strict schedule.

“I try to plan my schedule out, but things never go according to plan. Every week I have a calendar of what is due,” said Doss. “If I have an exam, weeks prior I try and break the material up into study increments each day.”

Doss’s professors have been understanding and flexible with her demanding athletic schedule, allowing her to turn in assignments early and work around games. Averaging 5.4 points per game this season, she is one of three players on the team to have played in every game the last three years.

“My teammates always say ‘how do you do it, it’s so hard,’ but it’s what I came here for,” said Doss.

In fact, when looking at colleges, a strong engineering program was on the top of her list. Doss made her ambition to become an engineer clear from the start of the recruiting process, letting her coaches know how important academics are to her.

“When they first started recruiting me, they knew I wanted to be an engineer so it wasn’t a secret,” she said. “They knew that coming here I would have a hectic schedule.”

Her complicated course schedule was even taken into account when scheduling the team’s practice block. Practices vary from semester to semester and are usually scheduled around seniors on the team and the courses they need to graduate.

“This year it was between me and the seniors because they knew my class schedule was very limited, especially with me just getting into the program and having to take certain classes first,” Doss said.

Success in both settings is imminent for Doss, with the Buckeyes currently advancing in the NCAA tournament and career opportunities on the horizon.

This summer, Doss will intern with E.P. Ferris & Associates, gaining experience in surveying land and working with engineers in her field.

Commitment to academics and athletics may not always be easy for student athletes, but Doss knows that working hard for both goals is in her best interest.

“I know that basketball isn’t going to be forever. I’m happy I understood that early on,” Doss said. “Engineering is something I actually like and would love to do, so why not?”

by Emily Lehmkuhl, College of Engineering student communications assistant

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