Bohrer and collaborators study causes of plant stress


Gil Bohrer, Associate Professor of Environmental Engineering, and collaborators from other institutions, including Professor Kimberly Novick of Indiana University, have published a study in Nature Climate Change that addresses the role of low, atmospheric humidity in guaging drought's impact on ecosystems.

Data from 38 flux towers, including the tower at the University of Michigan Biological Station, of which Bohrer is co-PI, was used to complete the study. According to its website, AmeriFlux is a network of PI-managed sites measuring ecosystem CO2, water, and energy fluxes in North and South America. It was established to connect research on field sites representing major climate and ecological biomes, including tundra, grasslands, savanna, crops, and conifer, deciduous, and tropical forests. 

Read the IU press release HERE.

Learn more about Ameriflux HERE.

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