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Campus Transit Lab

The Ohio State University Campus Transit Lab (CTL) offers a physical and institutional platform in which an operating bus transit system serves as a living lab for transit research, education, and outreach. CTL provides a unique ability to collect in situ data on a campus bus system that is large and complex enough to emulate urban-wide systems but sufficiently confined in scale and geographic extent to allow an understanding of system components and interactions.

CTL data, which are collected manually, using web-based surveys, and from state-of-the-art sensors are used to generate and test research hypotheses, compare the performance of alternative methodologies, and refine promising developments. The CTL platform also provides empirical data and a realistic context for student theses, a readily accessible location for data collection and analysis to support course projects, and a familiar and easily understandable setting that serves as the basis of course modules dealing with transit-based planning and operations. As a result, CTL fosters the development of professionals who are exposed to the details of transit services, well-versed with the analysis tools, and have a working knowledge of emerging technologies and how they relate to analysis and service improvements. In addition, the CTL platform facilitates interaction among researchers, educators, transit service providers, and technology developers, which results in the transfer of research outcomes and specialized expertise to the practice of transit service planning, design, and operations.

CTL related activities have focused on the improved understanding of operations and passenger demand derived from multiple data sources and the translation of this understanding into improved planning, design, operations, and passenger satisfaction. Thus, results are leading to a broad set of improvements that can positively impact system mobility and the environment by offering increased travel options, decreasing roadway congestion, and reducing the carbon footprint of cities.
The video below provides a description of CTL in the context of the OSU campus. For further information please contact Prof. Rabi Mishalani  and Prof. Mark McCord .

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