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Forms and Handbook

  • Course Enrollment Permission Form
    • Use when pursuing enrollment in a class for which you need instructor permission (waive requisites, enroll in a full class, time conflict with another class, etc.).
      • Note: the Graduate School will accept an instructor's email in lieu of a signed Course Enrollment Permission form.  To use this method, forward the following to Registration Services:

                a. Your instructor's email response

                b. Your Ohio State username (name.#)

                c. Semester or term and year of course (i.e. SP 2018)

                d. Course Department

                e. Course number (i.e. CIVILEN 5130)

                 f. Class number (i.e. 6472)

                g. Number of credit hours

Please note, ONLY the Graduate School can enroll graduate students in any course, regardless of reason.  Please do not submit course enrollment forms to the Advising Office.  Please submit ALL course enrollment forms to the Graduate School for processing

  • Reactivation Form
    • Use for permission to reactivate enrollment eligibility.  Must be signed by the Graduate Studies Chair, Dr. Mark McCord.
    • Graduate students can do the following via GRADFORMS
      • Submit a late course petition
      • Apply to graduate
      • Apply for candidacy (PhD students ONLY)
      • Apply for the final exam (PhD students ONLY)
      • Submit a committee and examination petition
      • Delay their final document
      • Submit a dual degree plan
      • Transfer to another graduate program
      • Transfer graduate credit


Graduate Tracks information (including Table A and Table B)

Construction Engineering and Management

Geoinformation and Geodetic Engineering

Environmental Engineering and Water Resources

Structural Engineering

Transportation Engineering

Study Plans and Handbook

The Civil Engineering program handbook is currently being revised.  Students may consult the Graduate School Handook for university rules and should check with their advisor or the Graduate Program Chair, Dr. McCord ( for program specific rules.