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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can I find the requirements for my degree of interest?

Program requirements for all degrees can be found by clicking the appropriate link below:

  • Civil Engineering Master's Thesis Option
  • Civil Engineering Master's Non-Thesis Option
  • Civil Engineering Doctoral Degree Course Requirements

2. Can I be admitted conditionally?

No. We do not consider any students for admission unless they have completed all of the application requirements.

3. I'm getting ready to submit my application online. Can the application fee be waived?

Neither the University nor the Department of Civil, Environmental, and Geodetic Engineering will waive the application fee. Highly qualified U.S. Citizens who have participated in the Summer Research Opportunities Program or a similar program may qualify for a fee waiver and can submit a request for consideration through the CIC FreeApp.

4. How do I check the status of my application?

The status of your application can be viewed online at

After submitting an application, first time applicants are sent an email from The Ohio State University’s Information Technology(IT) Service Desk, assigning an OSU ID and Internet Username(lastname.#).

Important: Applicants who have or had an affiliation with Ohio State do not receive the above-mentioned email since they already have an OSU ID and Internet Username. The Username is used to access the self-service page. When the Username and password are not active, it can be activated at: Or, if the OSU ID, username, or password are forgotten, assistance is also available at

New applicants with no prior or current affiliation with Ohio State who know their OSU ID and Username must activate their Username and create a password by requesting an activation code at: . If you do not remember your ID, Username, or password, help is available at For assistance with the activation code request process, please visit; or, contact the IT Service Desk by e-mail at or calling (614) 688-HELP (4357).

For those applicants who do know their current password, passwords may be changed or reset by following the instructions at:, or by contacting the IT Service Desk.

5. Where can I find information about the cost to attend Ohio State?

A breakdown of the various tuition and fee costs per credit hour for one semester is available at An estimated budget for Graduate study is available at On the page, click on the dropdown box and select "Graduate Students" for a display of the estimated expenses to pursue graduate studies at Ohio State for two semesters.

6. What types of financial aid are available?

For a description of funding options for graduate study, please visit For more general financial aid information, visit

7. How do I apply for financial aid consideration?

All students who have been recommended for admission to our department are automatically eligible for financial aid consideration. Students who complete an application by November 30th are eligible for Fellowship, GTA, and GRA consideration. Students who complete their application after that date will be eligible for GTA and GRA consideration and general admission (without  support). There are no additional forms that need to be submitted for financial aid consideration.

8. I already have funding. How should I indicate that on my application?

One of the questions in the application is whether or not you are a supported student. If you have funding through your employer, government, or some other means, mark "yes" on the application and when prompted and then list who is supporting you (ex. Fulbright, GE Aviation, Turkish Government, etc.).

9. What are my chances for being admitted?

Due to the large number of such requests, we do not make any evaluations of an applicant’s chances of admission. Please note that GPA and test scores are only one component of the review process and decisions are based on the entire contents of the application.

10. How do I remind or change a recommender?

  • Non-Ohio State students, must activate their Ohio State Username, (sent to you after you applied) at  
  • Log into your Application References Summary using your Ohio State username and password at

Edit recommender information

  • Click the green "Edit" button to the right of the reference you wish to edit. Edit any incorrect information.
  • Copy the recommender's contact email address and paste into Confirm email address. Click the green Re-send Email button at the bottom right to re-send the invitation email requesting a letter of recommendation.
  • To resend the invitation log into your Application references summaryat and click the green Resend Email button to the right of the recommender you wish to remind.nder you wish to remind.

Add a recommender

  • Log into your Application References Summary at using your Ohio State username and password.
  • Click the Add a Reference to an Application button.
  • Read the Application References - Instructions and click ACCEPT. Click DECLINE only if your program requires paper references. 
  • Enter recommender name, organization phone, mailing address and email address on the Application References - Details page.
  • Select the application and term for which the recommender will direct their letter, and indicate whether or not you wish to Waive Access to view recommendation letters after they are submitted.
  • Check to make sure information is correct and click Save.

11. What type of information should be included in my letters of reference?

If an individual asks you this, you can suggest things like how you've done in a class, any extracurricular activities they know you've been involved in, how they think you'll be suited for graduate study etc. Submit a résumé to your recommender as that will often times help give them a little more background when writing your letter.

12. Can I send copies of my GRE and/or TOEFL score reports so you can review my application?

No. We require that all test scores must be issued to Ohio State directly from Educational Testing Services (ETS) or the organization offering the test if you are taking one of the other English language tests.

13. What is the institution and/or major codes for the submission of GRE and/or TOEFL scores?

The institution code for Ohio State is 1592. As long as you list Ohio State's institution code, your scores will be reported to Ohio State. All scores are reported to a central database at Ohio State.

14. What is your TOEFL/English Language test requirement?

A minimum score of 79 on the Internet-based (IBT) TOEFL is required in order to be considered for admission. An 82 is the minimum score allowed on the Michigan English Language Assessment Battery (MELAB), or 7.0 on the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is also acceptable.

At least one of the following scores is preferred if English is not your native language : 96 on the Internet-based (IBT) TOEFL, 7.5 on the International English Language Testing System (IELTS), or an 82 on the Michigan English Language Assessment Battery (MELAB).

If you do not meet the minimum TOEFL score you application will not be reviewed until one of the following is met:

  1. You reach or surpass the minimum required score.
  2. The deadline of the term for which you originally applied passes at which point your application would be canceled.

15. My entire education was in English. Must I take the TOEFL test?

You are exempt from taking an English proficiency test, such as, TOEFL, MELAB, or IELTS, if you have established citizenship in one of the following countries: Australia, Belize, British Caribbean, British West Indies, Canada (except Quebec), England, Guyana, Ireland, Liberia, New Zealand, Scotland, Wales, and The United States. US Green Card holders are exempt from taking an English proficiency test if they have held the Green Card at least one year prior to their semester of enrollment.

If you are eligible to receive a 4 year bachelor’s degree or higher from one of the countries listed above, then you are exempt from taking an English proficiency test. Please note: It is not required that you must have your degree completed from one of the exempt countries at the time you are applying for admission. However, you must have completed your degree prior to your semester of enrollment.

If your country is not listed as any of the exempt counties, you must take one of the aforementioned English proficiency tests.