CCP Related MS Theses and Ph.D. Dissertations completed at OSU: 1992 to current

(Listed alphabetically by author.)


Aleia Nicole Long, MS, Evaluating material properties of fly ash modified concrete plates under low velocity impact, 2007


Alexis Semach, MS, Geotextiles for Use in Drainage Systems in Coal Combustion Product Landfills, 2010


Chin-Min Cheng, Ph.D., Leaching of coal combustion products: field and laboratory studies, 2005

Deepa Modi, MS, Potential Utilization of FGD Gypsum for Reclamation of Abandoned Highwalls, 2010

Dong-Gyou Kim, Ph.D., Development of a Constitutive Model for Resilient Modulus of Cohesive Soils, 2004


Dorothy Ann Adams, MS, Swelling characteristics of dry sulfur dioxide removal waste products, 1992


Gloria Rodgers, MS, Resilient modulus predictions using engineering properties and neural networks, 2006


J.W. Lee, Ph.D., Real-Time Monitoring of Landslide Using Wireless Sensor Network, 2009


James Kirch, MS, Potential Use of Flue Gas Desulfurization Gypsum in a Flowable Grout for Re-Mining of Abandoned Coal Mines, 2011


James Robert Howdyshell, MS, Strain compatibility analysis in slope stability modeling, 2010

Jangguen Lee, MS, The Behavior of Pore Water Pressure in Cohesive Subgrade Soils, 2003

Jeffreys Chapman, MS, Stress Model Verification with Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement, 2007

Jennifer Christine Myers, MS, Stabilization of sludge using spray dryer absorber ash, 1998

Jun Huang, MS, Degradation of resilient modulus of saturated clay due to pore water pressure buildup under cyclic loading, 2001


Jung Woo Lee, MS, Beneficial reuse of FGD by-products as flowable fill, 1998


Malcolm Damian Hargraves, MS, The effect of freeze-thaw cycles on the strength of stabilized flue gas desulfurization sludge, 1995


Michael Nuhfer, MS, Use of flue gas desulfurization by-product as a lake-bed liner, 1993


Na Jin, MS, Fly Ash Applicability in Pervious Concrete, 2010

Nathan Yencho, MS, Investigation of Dynamic Liquefaction Potential of Impounded Class F Fly Ash, 2014


Panuwat Taerakul, Ph.D., Characterization of trace elements in dry flue gas desulfurization (FGD) by-products, 2005


Rachel Pasini, MS, An Evaluation Of FGD Gypsum For Abandoned Mine Land Reclamation, 2009


Renee Michelle Payette, MS, Landslide Remediation Using Clean Burning Coal Technology By- Products, 1996


Ryan Mackos, MS, Environmental Analysis of Full Depth Reclamation Using Coal Combustion By-Products, 2008


Salman Mohammad Nodjomian, MS, Clean-coal technology by-products used in a highway embankment stabilization demonstration project, 1994

Sharon Faye Studer, MS, Seepage analysis of a highway embankment constructed from the Flue Gas Desulfurization by-product, 1998


Sung Hwan Kim, Ph.D., A decision support system for highway embankment design using FGD by-products, 1994


Wei Tu, MS, Evaluation of Full-Scale CCP Pavement Performance Using Accelerated Loading Facility, 2005


Wei Tu, Ph.D., Response Modeling of Pavement Subjected to Dynamic Surface Loading Based on Stress-Based Multi-layered Plate Theory, 2007


Xueling Pan, MS, The Effect of Freeze Thaw Cycling on the Permeability of Stabilized Flue Gas Desulfurization (FGD) Materials, 2002


Yong-Woong Lee, MS, Measurement and Prediction of Resilient Modulus of Lime-Fly Ash Stabilized Cohesive Subgrade Soils, 2003