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Funding Opportunities for Graduate Students

Financial Aid

There is limited financial aid offered in that, generally, research and teaching assistantships and fellowships are available in the department's program areas. To be fully considered for financial aid, check the boxes marked Financial Aid on the Admissions Application Form. Note there is no separate Financial Aid Form.

After all application documents have been received and reviewed by the Department of Civil, Environmental and Geodetic Engineering Graduate Studies Committee, aid in the form of assistantships will be offered to those students having extremely high grade-point averages (GPA), provided that aid is available at the time of your application review and approval.

For information concerning the necessary TSE (Test of Spoken English) for applicants desiring teaching assistantships, refer to the information sent separately from the University Admissions office. Admissions policy of the Department of Civil, Environmental and Geodetic Engineering does not permit departmental payment of application fees for any potential undergraduate or graduate students.

Applicants with a 3.6 GPA or equivalent may be considered for nomination for a University Fellowship.  Applicants who are interested in fellowship support must take the GRE General Exam and submit all application materials to the department by the following deadlines:  November 30 for international graduate student fellowship applicants and by December 13 for domestic graduate student fellowship applicants.

For more information, please visit the Student Financial Aid website.

Fellowships, Research Associate and Teaching Associates

Limited funding is available for graduate students in the form of University Fellowship awards, Graduate Teaching Associate and Graduate Research Associate appointments.

University Fellowships are awarded by the Graduate School to outstanding students with high GPA (3.6) and GRE scores (75th percentile average of Verbal and Quantitative, 4.0 Analytical Writing).  A limited number of fellowships are made available to each academic unit, students must be nominated by the Department, and the Graduate School must approve each fellowship recipient.  The Fellowship competition takes place in February. Award letters sent out in March for the following Autumn semester. 

Appointment of Graduate Research Associates in the Department is made by individual faculty and specialization groups with available funding.  Selections are made from the pool of qualified applicants who have been admitted to their specific program.  These appointments are typically made in the Spring for the following Autumn and most students learn sometime in March if they will be funded for the following Autumn.

Applicants who have submitted a completed application may contact faculty in their chosen specialization to express interest in a GRA appointment and to ascertain if funding may be available.