Transportation Engineering

Members of Ohio State's transportation engineering faculty are focused in several research areas, including:

  • ITS, traffic flow mechanisms, traffic surveillance
  • Traffic engineering, highway location and design
  • Acquisition and statistical analysis of large-scale data sets from emerging data sources to understand and influence traveler choices and facilitate the design, operations and monitoring of transportation and logistics systems
  • Multi-criteria evaluation transportation planning, traffic flow
  • Airport and aviation system planning, design, operations, and management

CEGE Transportation Engineering Research

Smart Urban Transportation Research Group | Andre Carrel

Intelligent transportation systems, traffic flow theory and driver dynamics | Benn Coifman

Campus Transit Lab / Transportation systems, engineering and planning | Mark McCord

Campus Transit Lab / probabilistic modeling, statistical inference, experimental design and evaluation, and optimization to transportation systems analysis | Rabi Mishalani 

Center for Aviation Studies | Seth Young


Media Inquiries

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