Research Overview


Research in Ohio State's College of Engineering starts with opportunities for undergraduates, expands through our graduate programs, and excels as we form strong collaborations with other colleges across the university as well as leading companies in engineering fields in Ohio and across the nation.

CEGE has research strengths and expertise that are aligned with the changing nature and coming challenges of civil and environmental engineering practice—a sensored, automated and interconnected future subject to increased population growth  and resource limitations. Graduate and undergraduate students work alongside faculty on cross-cutting research themes that transcend infrastructure, transportation, environment and  geodetic applications:

Climate alterations and resilience

Faculty quantify signals of changing climate, evaluate natural hazard risks to infrastructure and design sustainable infrastructure repair strategies.

Public health exposures of the built environment

Faculty characterize indoor air and water microbiomes, assess contaminant fates in natural systems and design effective water treatments.

Energy systems management

Faculty focus on carbon management and low-energy ventilation, evaluate power system safety from natural hazards and repurpose energy waste byproducts.

Data collection and analytics

Faculty improve navigation precision from satellites, characterize user decision making and integrate new sensors and image analysis into infrastructure management.



The Ohio State University has committed to finding solutions for grand challenges on a global scale through the Discovery Themes initiative. This initiative will provided the foundation for CEGE students to contribute in fields related to sensing and data acquisition, dynamic natural systems, smart urban services and infrastructure systems, big data, and high performance computing and analysis.

An evolution of the Sustainable and Resilient Economy Discovery Theme, The Sustainability Institute at Ohio State integrates, supports and leads sustainability across the university to:

  • Promote sustainability and resilience teaching and learning
  • Catalyze interdisciplinary research that drives discovery and innovation
  • Engage public and private sector partners to develop and apply sustainable solutions
  • Integrate sustainability scholarship with campus activities to engage students in research and experiential learning
  • Provide a competitive advantage in attracting exceptional new talent, students, partnerships and resources



Many research activities reflect the interdisciplinary training of faculty in public health, policy and sustainability, and many research projects use the campus environs as a test bed for data collection.



Campus Transit Lab (CTL) gathers and analyzes data received from Ohio State’s Campus Area Bus Service.


The Wilma H. Schiermeier Olentangy River Wetland Research Park (ORWRP) takes research into the field.  Watch CEGE students share their vision for the Olentangy Wetlands.


Construction and demolition sites on campus provide real-scale testing and field application. View time-lapse video of recent campus demolition.