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Environmental Engineering

Members of Ohio State's environmental engineering faculty are focused in several research areas, including:

  • Optimization of advanced oxidation processes
  • Engineered and natural photochemical transformation of pollutants
  • Fate and transport of manufactured nanomaterials
  • Drinking water membrane treatment
  • Interactions between energy and environmental systems and policy
  • Sediment remediation
  • Mitigation of acid mine drainage
  • Coal combustion byproduct reuse
  • Contaminant transport in groundwater and surface water
  • Ecological engineering mechanisms that control the interaction between the atmosphere and the land surface
  • 3D modeling of coastal and ocean surfaces
  • Research on unit processes
  • Environmental studies on applied chemistry and biology

CEGE Environmental Research

Energy Sustainability Research Laboratory | Jeffrey Bielicki

Ecohydrometeorology Laboratory | Gil Bohrer

Coal Combustion Products Program | Tarunjit Butalia

Sustainable Buildings Engineering Laboratory | Jordan Clark

Indoor Environmental Quality Laboratory | Karen Dannemiller

Water Treatment Engineering And Microbiome (TEAM) Research Group | Natalie Hull

Computational Hydrodynamics and Informatics Laboratory (The CHIL) | Ethan Kubatko

Environmental Surface and Colloid Processses Laboratory | John Lenhart

Contaminant Fate Processes Lab | Allison MacKay

Atmospheric Air Quality Research Group | Andrew May

Hydrologic Extremes Research Group | James Stagge

Co-evolution of microbe and virus in environmental populations | Matthew Sullivan

Sonochemical remediation of pollutants and membrane fouling | Linda Weavers

Lab for Sustainable Urban Water Management | Ryan Winston