Are you at Ohio State, but not yet enrolled in the College of Engineering? Students wishing to change into the Civil or Environmental Engineering Pre-Major from outside of the College of Engineering should email Liz Riter (riter.7@osu.edu) or Barry Tolchin (tolchin.5@osu.edu) expressing your interest in switching.

If you are hoping to change pre-majors next semester, please schedule an advising appointment prior to the start of final exams this semester. Students will receive the Change to Engineering Pre-Major request form at the end of this advising appointment.

More information about changing into the College of Engineering, including deadlines and eligibility, can be found at Change to Engineering Pre-Major.

Environmental Engineering: Applying to Major



Admissions Policies

  • You must be in good academic standing (have a minimum of a 2.0 Eligibility Point Hour Ratio [EPHR] and a 2.0 cumulative GPA) in order to apply to the major.
  • Students who have a 3.0 or higher EPHR will be guaranteed admission to the major. 
  • Students with below a 3.0 EPHR are not guaranteed admission. Students with below a 3.0 EPHR will have the opportunity to answer supplemental questions (available in the application to major) in order for their application to be reviewed for admission consideration.  
  • We do not accept or consider letters of recommendation with an application to major.
  • Your pre-major has no impact on your admission to our majors.
  • Once admitted to the major, students will then begin to take Civil and Environmental Engineering courses. Students are unable to take these courses until they are admitted to the major.

*We will consider transfer grades (for EPHR courses) only for students who are transferring 4 or more EPHR courses to OSU.  For these students, we will manually calculate your EPHR to determine your eligibility for entrance to major.

*Please note - meeting minimum qualifications will not guarantee admission to the major.

Application Availability

Applications are due by the 3rd Friday of each term (excluding summer).

Application Deadline: AU 2020 (for consideration for SP 2021 admission September 11, 2020
  • Late applications will not be accepted. If you missed the current deadline for admission consideration, please check back at the end of the semester for information on upcoming application deadlines. 
  • If you are considering more than one major (or are unsure if you will be admitted to your first-choice major) you are advised to apply to all majors which you are considering. Please note, application to major deadlines vary by department.

You will receive a confirmation email from Qualtrics (not the department) once your application has been submitted. If you do not receive a confirmation email within 48 hours (check your spam email folder), please resubmit a new application.

Students will be notified via email of application to major decisions prior to their scheduling windows opening only if you are not currently enrolled in EPHR courses. Students enrolled in EPHR courses at the time of their application will be notified of an admission decision once grades are in for that term.

For current Ohio State students

To apply you must have completed or be enrolled in the following courses (or equivalents):

  • ENGR 1181 (or 1186 and 1887) and 1182 (or 1188)
  • MATH 1151, 1172 (or MATH 1151, 1152 and 2153 or 2162)
  • PHYSICS 1250 (or 1260)
  • CHEM 1210 and 1220
  • MECHENG 2040 (or MECHENG 2010 and 2020)
  • ENGR 1100 (This course is not factored into your EPHR, but is required for entrance to major.)
  • ENGLISH 1110 (This course is not factored into your EPHR, but is required for entrance to major.)

Visit https://advising.engineering.osu.edu/current-students/applying-your-maj… for more information.

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