Environmental Engineering

Environmental Engineers work with government, industry and private groups to design and implement projects to improve the environment and public health. Environmental engineers are technical leaders in sustainable development and the design of projects to protect our water, land and air resources, applying their skills to the design of drinking water treatment plants, air pollution control systems, ecological restoration, and brownfield cleanups, to name just a few. Environmental engineers use their knowledge and expertise to tackle regional and global issues, such as climate change, ozone depletion and acid rain. Environmental engineers design and build technologies to control pollution, as well as work with industry and government to redesign processes to reduce the generation of pollution and conserve material and energy resources.

The BS Environmental Engineering degree at Ohio State University is the first accredited undergraduate environmental engineering degree in the state of Ohio. Environmental Engineering is one of the fastest growing professional fields.The BS Environmental Engineering degree at Ohio State University will help train the next generation of environmental engineering professionals for the state of Ohio, and thereby support the state in meeting goals for development in an environmentally responsible manner, and assist Ohio in becoming a leader in the creation and application of new environmental technologies.

Environmental Engineering - Program Educational Objectives and Student Outcomes

The Department of Civil, Environmental and Geodetic Engineering seeks to educate graduates who will be ethical, productive and contributing members of their profession and of society.  Complete program educational objectives and outcomes can be found  here.

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