Transfer Credit

Transfer Credit (Future Students)

Students wishing to transfer to Ohio State can plan in advance which courses will be applicable to the Civil or Environmental Engineering degree requirements. The Course Applicability System will assist students in determining how their credits will transfer from other institutions.

Submitting your Transcripts

Please note: The Department of Civil, Environmental, and Geodetic Engineering does not accept official transcripts from students.  Transcripts must be submitted in one of the following ways:

Electronic Submittal

Institutions offering electronic delivery typically have a database of colleges and universities in which a student can select when initiating an electronic transcript request. This does not require the student to enter an email address and the transcript gets properly routed to the processing office at Ohio State. In the absence of a list of schools to select, students can request that their transcript be delivered to (for undergraduate students only).

US Mail:
Transcripts should not be issued to student or addressed to a different Ohio State address. Transcripts received through other avenues at The Ohio State University will be deemed unofficial and transfer credit will not be evaluated.
Undergraduate Students:

The Ohio State University
Undergraduate Admissions
PO Box 182646
Columbus, OH 43218-2646

After submitting all transcripts and being admitted to The Ohio State University, the Office of Undergraduate Admissions will send the student a Transfer Credit Report listing all accepted transfer credit. This credit will be listed in the form of specific Ohio State courses, general, special, or technical credit for each department with completed coursework. Students can print their Transfer Credit Reports from their Student Center page in Buckeye Link.

*Please note: we are unable to evaluate courses for students unless they have been admitted to Ohio State.

After obtaining a Transfer Credit Report, the student is then responsible for seeking credit for specific courses within those departments. Transfer students should be prepared to present syllabi from all previous coursework. If you do not have syllabi, contact your previous institution(s) to acquire syllabi or a detailed course description on that institution’s letterhead with appropriate signature for verification.

Each department has a designated transfer credit evaluator/coordinator, larger departments have two or three people. Students will need to bring with them to those departments any material related to the courses taken at other institutions, such as textbook, syllabus, course catalog description, etc. Most departments require several days to complete the evaluations so students should not wait to begin this process. Autumn semester is one of the busiest times for transfer credit evaluations so plan accordingly. It is imperative that transfer credit be evaluated prior to orientation day to avoid duplication of coursework.

Evaluation of Civil or Environmental Engineering Courses (Current and Future Students)

All evaluation requests for civil or environmental Engineering courses should be submitted to Barry Tolchin ( 

Please do not submit evaluation requests for courses outside of our department

The following items are required for each course for which evaluation is needed

  • An electronic copy of the course syllabus indicating the following:

    1. Topics that were covered in the course

    2. Textbook(s) used. For students requesting transfer evaluation of civil or environmental engineering courses from college/universities outside the United States, textbooks and syllabi are required.

    3. Amount of time spent on different topics.

    4. Number of hours of lecture/recitation per week and number of laboratory sessions, if any.

  • To help facilitate the transfer credit evaluation, evidence of the standard of the work may be submitted. Examples of evidence include copies of examinations and assignments.

  • A cover letter accompanying these materials indicating:

       1. Your Ohio State email address.

       2. Your term of admission to Ohio State.

       3. Your intended major.

       4. The Ohio State civil or environmental course(s) for which department transfer credit is requested.

Please do not submit material expecting the advising office or faculty to determine the equivalent courses.

View a list of CEGE civil and environmental Engineering courses.

Establishing Your Schedule

Once the courses have been evaluated, students need to attend Transfer Orientation for the College of Engineering. Transfer Orientation will include a time to meet with a CEGE advisor to develop your schedule, as well as familiarize yourself with the college, university and new student procedures.

Students should be aware that all transfer students are admitted as pre-majors and entrance to major requires a satisfactory grade point average in both overall courses and the EPHR courses required by the program for admission. In calculating grade point averages, only OSU courses are used.

Where to submit your Civil or Environmental Course Evaluation Requests

Please submit all undergraduate Civil or Environmental Engineering course evaluation requests to Barry Tolchin (