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Funding at Ohio State

Financial support for Ohio State graduate students is awarded in the form of merit-based associateships, fellowships, or traineeships. Graduate students are not limited to funding from their program. There is no central clearinghouse of available Graduate Associate (GA) positions, but CEGSP students are allowed to hold GA positions outside of the department, as long as they comply with overall GA guidelines. Information on benefits, requirements, and eligibility is provided by the Graduate School.

Funding in CEGE

The Department of Civil, Environmental and Geodetic Engineering aims to support as many qualified students as possible with graduate fellowships and associateships, which are awarded in the following ways:

  1. Graduate fellowships are limited in number and are competitively awarded each year to applicants and current students who show exceptional potential for graduate study. The CEGSP Graduate Studies Committee oversees the department’s nomination process each year, and students cannot apply to fellowships directly. For fellowship consideration, prospective students should complete the application and all additional application requirements by the priority deadline (November 30 for the following Autumn semester).
  2. Any available Graduate Research Associateships (GRA) or Graduate Administrative Associateships (GAA) are decided by a hiring faculty member. No additional application is required at the time of application for admission, though interested applicants can inquire with individual faculty members about potential opportunities. Faculty are seeking students who have a strong background and interest in their research area. We recommend that prospective students thoroughly investigate CEGE faculty research records and determine which faculty best fit their research interests. Contact with faculty members should be made once students have gone through such a process.
  3. Graduate Teaching Associateships (GTA) are overseen by the Department annually, through a department-wide application process in Spring semester. Incoming graduate students are not considered for GTA positions.

Office of Student Financial Aid

The Office of Student Financial Aid can assist graduate students with need-based loans, employment and a limited range of scholarships and grants. Information for international graduate students is also available.

Fees not Covered by Graduate Fee Authorization

Graduate Associateships and Fellowships include tuition and academic fee waivers, as well as an 85% subsidy for the cost of health insurance premiums. Additional fees that may not be covered, but can be deducted gradually from the monthly stipend, include:

  • COTA City Bus Fee
  • Student Activity Fee 
  • Student Union Facility Fee
  • Recreational Fee
  • Student Health Insurance (only the 15% remaining after department subsidy)

Lee D. Moody Interest-Free Loan

Available to CEGE students in good academic standing. LEARN MORE!