Honors and Undergraduate Research

We highly encourage our undergraduate students to become involved in research opportunities on campus. Many of our students are involved in a variety of research projects with our faculty members in the department, as well as developing their own research topics. The College of Engineering and Department of Civil, Environmental, and Geodetic Engineering offer a unique opportunity for students interested in completing research to incorporate the experience into their curriculum requirements.   

Why should I participate in undergraduate research?

  • Work closely with an Ohio State faculty member on exciting, cutting-edge projects
  • Discover your interests and passions
  • Develop professional skills that are marketable to future employers or in preparation for graduate school
  • Collaborate with others and work as part of a team
  • Improve your independence, critical thinking and technical writing skills
  • Sharpen problem-solving skills and apply concepts learned in coursework to real life problems
  • Become eligible for research-related scholarships

What would I be doing?

The research opportunities for undergraduate civil and environmental engineering students are diverse and challenging. Under the direction of a faculty member, students work on a research problem that may involve laboratory or field work, computer programming, data analysis, and literature searching.

How do I find a research project?

  • View current research opportunities advertised on CEGE's website.
  • Ask the professor teaching your favorite class if there are any research opportunities on the class’s topic.
  • Browse the FACULTY & RESEARCH menu for topics that are interesting to you and contact those faculty to set up appointments to discuss possible research projects.
    • Tips for contacting professors

      • Before contacting faculty members, first consider how much time per week you are available to participate in research activities.

      • Contact the professor(s) directly and inquire about the available research opportunities, including the possibilities of joining an on-going research project, or perhaps even starting a new one. Indicate an area of research that you would like to work on. This will give the faculty member a better idea of what projects you may be available for.

      • Keep your email short and to the point. Include: your name, .#, your interest in discussing possible research opportunities, and days/times you are available to meet.

      • Please do not mass email faculty.

  • If you have multiple topics/classes that interest you, but don’t know which faculty to contact, you can make an appointment with a CEGE advisor to discuss possible options. 


There are currently two options for students who wish to ‘graduate with distinction’ in Civil or Environmental Engineering.   

Why should I earn Research Distinction?

  • "Research Distinction" or "Honors Research Distinction" appears on your diploma
  • Gain valuable experience in synthesizing and presenting your results
  • Gain critical skills to prepare for the workforce or graduate school.

Requirements for Earning Research Distinction

GPA Requirement.

  • Honors: 3.400 minimum
  • Non-honors: 3.000 minimum

Submit an application 2-3 semesters in advance of graduation.

  • Include your research proposal and a letter of recommendation from your research advisor

Complete research distinction coursework.

  • Once your application is approved, you’ll be able to enroll in research distinction coursework (4999 or 4999H) -you must take between 6 and 9 credit hours in order to earn distinction
  • Previous efforts in 4998 can be retroactively counted – ask your academic advisor

Present your work at an undergraduate research forum or national/international conference.

Complete an undergraduate thesis.

  • Prepare your thesis document
  • Defend your thesis at an oral defense prior to the deadline


For more information, please visit advising.engineering.osu.edu/current-students/honors-undergraduate-research to download an Undergraduate Research Informational Packet.

CEGE Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship

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