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Subjectsort descendingCourse NumberCourse NameUnits
Civil Engineering4194Group Studies in Civil Engineering1
Civil Engineering4210The Physics of Sustainable Buildings3
Civil Engineering4310Structural Analysis3
Civil Engineering4320Structural Steel Design3
Civil Engineering4340Behavior of Structural Element3
Civil Engineering4350Reinforced Concrete Design3
Civil Engineering4552Design and Construction of Flexible Pavements3
Civil Engineering4800Project Management in Civil Engineering3
Civil Engineering4998Undergraduate Research in Civil Engineering1
Civil Engineering4998HUndergraduate Research in Civil Engineering1
Civil Engineering4999Civil Engineering Research for Thesis1
Civil Engineering4999HCivil Engineering Research for Thesis1
Civil Engineering5001Introduction to Geographic Information Systems4
Civil Engineering5130Applied Hydrology3
Civil Engineering5162Introduction to Laminated Composite Materials3
Civil Engineering5168Introduction to the Finite Element Method3
Civil Engineering5194Group Studies in Civil Engineering1
Civil Engineering5220Open Channel Hydraulics3
Civil Engineering5230Transport Phenomena in Water Resources Engineering3
Civil Engineering5240Groundwater Engineering3
Civil Engineering5300Airport Planning, Design, and Development3
Civil Engineering5310Matrix Structural Analysis3
Civil Engineering5320Intermediate Structural Steel Design3
Civil Engineering5350Intermediate Reinforced Concrete Design3
Civil Engineering5360Bridge Engineering3