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Subjectsort descendingCourse NumberCourse NameUnits
Civil Engineering2050Probabilistic Applications and Data Interpretation in Civil and Environmental Engineering3
Civil Engineering2060Numerical Analysis Methods for Civil and Environmental Engineering Applications4
Civil Engineering2090Professional Aspects of Civil and Environmental Engineering1
Civil Engineering2193Individual Studies in Civil Engineering1
Civil Engineering2194Group Studies in Civil Engineering1
Civil Engineering2405Computer Graphics for Civil Engineers1
Civil Engineering2410Introduction to Surveying3
Civil Engineering2810Construction Engineering and Management: An Introduction3
Civil Engineering3080Economic Evaluation and Optimization in Civil and Environmental Engineering3
Civil Engineering3130Fluid Mechanics3
Civil Engineering3160Water Resources Engineering3
Civil Engineering3310Structural Engineering Principles3
Civil Engineering3510Civil Engineering Materials3
Civil Engineering3540Geotechnical Engineering2
Civil Engineering3541Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory1
Civil Engineering3700Transportation Engineering and Analysis3
Civil Engineering4000.01Civil Engineering Capstone I2
Civil Engineering4000.02Civil Engineering Capstone II2
Civil Engineering4001Civil Engineering Capstone I2
Civil Engineering4002Civil Engineering Capstone II2
Civil Engineering4011Civil Engineering Global Capstone I2
Civil Engineering4012Civil Engineering Global Capstone II2
Civil Engineering4191.01Civil Engineering Internship I1
Civil Engineering4191.02Civil Engineering Internship II2
Civil Engineering4193Individual Studies in Civil Engineering1