Honors and Awards

World of Coal Ash Student Presentation Award, 2011

Earned for excellence in the field of ash research and given to the most outstanding student oral presentation at the WOAC Conference held May, 2011.

The Midwest Coal Ash Association Student Scholarship Award, 2011

Recognizes talented students from Midwest universities who presented at the WOAC Conference held May, 2011. 

University Research Award, 2008

Awarded by United States Environmental Protection Agency Coal Combustion Products Partnership in recognition of excellence in research and outreach.

Lumley Research Award, 2001 & 2007

Lumley Research Award are given by The College of Engineering at The Ohio State University in recognition for exceptional research activity and success in pursuing new knowledge of a fundamental or applied nature.

Barton Thomas Memorial Award, 2001

Awarded by the University of Kentucky's Center for Applied Energy Research for the best technical paper titled “The Behavior of Coal Combustion Products in Structural Fills – A Case History” presented at the International Ash Utilization Symposium, October 2001.

Multidisciplinary Team Research Award

The Multidisciplinary Team Research Award, recognizes outstanding, coordinated research by scientists from more than one field. It was presented to the Coal Combustion Byproducts Technology Program by the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center of The Ohio State University.

The award winning team members were - Warren Dick, Natural Resources, Jerry Bigham, Natural Resources, Samuel Traina, Natural Resources, Fred Hitzhusen, Agricultural, Environmental, and Development Economics, Richard Stehouwer, formerly of Natural Resources, William Wolfe, Civil and Environmental Engineering and Geodetic Science, Joel Beeghly, Dravo Lime Company, and Terry Logan, Natural Resources.

The team lead research and development efforts related to coal combustion byproducts. The award includes a plaque and $8,000 one-time supplement to the team's research project.

First Place Awarded at the Denman Undergraduate Research Forum Award

Craig Fortner received the 1998 first place award for his presentation, "Beneficial Re-Use of a Coal Combustion Waste Products."  His advisor for this research project was Dr. William E. Wolfe, Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering Department.  Fortner's research focused on alternatives to landfilling flue gas desulfurization (FGD) material.  He explored the first full-scale application where FGD waste was used to line a swine waste lagoon at an OSU research farm.  The results showed that FGD liners are an environmentally sound substitute to conventional liners and allows farmers to store waste until conditions are favorable for disposal. No contamination as a result of the liner was observed. 

The Denman Undergraduate Research Forum was created in 1996 and is a cooperative effort of The Ohio State University's Honors & Scholars Center, The Undergraduate Research Office, and The Office of Research. The Forum is an opportunity to showcase outstanding student research and encourage all undergraduates to participate in research as a value-added element of their education.