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Get Engaged!

When was the last time you walked across the oval or sat on a bench by Mirror Lake?  Have you had a chance to visit the new Ohio Union and Thompson Library?  The campus landscape has changed, but the unique learning environment remains the same.  Our civil and environmental engineering students are continuing to be shaped into the next generation of scholars, thinkers, and achievers.  As the door of opportunity opens, our talented students eagerly walk through and accept the challenge.  Dedicated faculty, bright students, and alumni like you have helped pave their way.

Would you like to get involved, engaged and connected?  It’s easy to do.  You can help sponsor a scholarship or hire a student intern.  You can offer financial or nonfinancial support to a student team or project by becoming a mentor or project advisor.  Perhaps you have the opportunity to encourage talented high school students to explore civil engineering at Ohio State.  Someone made a difference in your life when you were a student on campus.  Think about offering your personal insights into civil engineering and make a difference in the future of a student.

Stay Current!

Alumni like you are one of our most valuable assets.  Your achieved success has helped advance the mission and reputation of our department, college and university.  While we are in touch with many of our alumni through both professional and personal interactions, the department would like to re-establish contact with those we have lost track of over the years.   

Share your good news with us. Contact us directly via email (Kevin Satterfield at ) or call 614-247-7749.