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Open Staff Positions

The Department of Civil, Environmental and Geodetic Engineering is pleased to announce the following career opportunity:


Responsible for maintaining materials, structures, and geotechnical engineering teaching and research labs in the Department of Civil, Environmental and Geodetic Engineering (CEGE); maintains lab inventory, including procurement to restock supplies (e.g. machine shop, concrete producers, aggregate, concrete mixing supplies, cement); oversees equipment, electrical/network systems, load frames, and cleaning and utilization of concrete mixer; carries out teaching lab responsibilities for undergraduate students and researchers; mixes and sets up heavy materials and supplies to prepare for demonstration within geotechnical labs (e.g. climbs ladder to access required materials and supplies, lifts and carry large cement bag and equipment, changes load frames, etc.); orders and maintains inventory of laboratory supplies (e.g. concrete mixing supplies, cement, aggregate); coordinates and transports (i.e. lifts and carries) bulk materials to and from lab spaces; conducts lab safety training for lab courses; assists laboratory instructors with updates and improvements to lab exercises; cleans and uses concrete mixer; trains and supervises undergraduate researchers, including research design, QA/QC procedures, lab activities, data collection and analysis, and Standard Operating Procedure development; carries out research lab responsibilities, including but not limited to maintaining and calibrating machinery, teaching and testing equipment (e.g., load cells, LVDTs, tension frames, sensors, similar electronic equipment) and troubleshooting equipment and coordinating repairs, as needed; provides equipment user training; provides support for equipment purchases; designs simple experiments for load frames to operate within their intended range; sets up data acquisition systems and computer equipment connections; serves as designated safety officer in materials, structures, and geotechnical lab spaces; develops and updates documentation for safety procedures and related manuals as required by safety codes; oversees lab safety program (e.g. equipment, hardhats, chemicals, compressed gases, gloves, facemasks), EHS inspections and waste management and pick-up; coordinates with departmental lab chemical safety officer, including serving as alternate representative on the College Safety Committee; conducts graduate student and new PI lab orientation and maintain training records.

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