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The Department of Civil, Environmental and Geodetic Engineering (CEGE) prepares professionals to address the most demanding problem that faces human kind: the requirement to balance environmental health with growing societal needs for natural resources, sustainable infrastructure and services. This requires the skillful conception, planning, design, construction and operation of facilities that enfold modern life, ranging from smart urban services to intelligent infrastructure to earth observing systems.

The demand for civil, environmental and geodetic engineers is increasing significantly, due in part by efforts to rebuild, improve and make our country’s infrastructure resilient and sustainable. These include highways, bridges, tunnels, dams, harbors, airports, waterways, railways, power plants, air/water treatment plants, drainage systems and waste disposal facilities.





Our faculty and students continue to address global challenges through Ohio State’s Discovery Themes initiative. CEGE faculty and administration, with strong support from industry collaborators, are embarking on a curriculum modernization effort that will reflect the current and future landscape within the engineering profession. Many of these same partners from industry assist with CEGE’s burgeoning capstone program.

With assistance from its External Advisory Board, which is comprised of leaders from industry and government, CEGE is leading the creation of The Ohio Institute for Resilient and Reliable Infrastructure. This partnership of stakeholders from academia, industry, research and government will address comprehensive challenges facing Ohio’s and the nation’s transportation enterprises.

So that CEGE may better provide facilities that foster students’ learning, creativity and collaboration, the department is continuously evaluating and enhancing its instructional and laboratory spaces.





Undergraduate Programs (2018)

  • Civil Engineering                   546
  • Environmental Engineering    142
  • TOTAL, Undergraduate        688

Undergraduate Degrees Awarded (SU2017-SP2018)

  • Civil Engineering                    182
  • Environmental Engineering     37




Graduate Programs (2018)

  • MS                             51
  • PhD                           51
  • TOTAL, Graduate   102

Graduate Degrees Awarded (SU2017 - SP 2018)

  • MS                             31
  • PhD                             8







Civil, environmental and geodetic engineering students represent 16 countries around the world, including China, India, Ghana, Turkey, Colombia, Malaysia, Brazil and Kenya. The department has 13 faculty members who are women, including seven tenure-track, one professor of practice and five courtesy appointments. In 2018, 27% of CEGE students were women.










CEGE students, faculty and staff participate in a variety of service and outreach initiatives in local and global settings. Educational outreach in Columbus and the state is an integral component of the Ohio Water Resources Center. As part of the Sustainable and Resilient Community program, CEGE capstone students make lasting contributions to food, water and energy systems in the Kilimanjaro region of Tanzania. Study abroad opportunities such as the Sustainable and Resilient Infrastructure in Italy program, where Buckeye engineers collaborate with their peers from the University of Udine, open the world of global engineering to CEGE students. Our faculty regularly lend their expertise to media outlets, industry collaborators and government agencies.


CEGE Leadership


Allison MacKay, Professor and Chair


John Lenhart, Professor and Associate Chair

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