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Department chairs

Past Civil Engineering Chairs

1876-1885                                                                                            Robert W. McFarland

"Almost as much in evidence on the campus as the clock-tower of University Hall, was our mathematician and civil engineer. He was charged with care, development, and protection of the College grounds, and no one who ever knew him would doubt that he was most assiduous and untiring in his duties. At 50, he was an interesting and striking figure. Walking tall, erect, hatless, as was his custom, from his residence to the College building, head heavily covered with iron gray hair and beard to match, the ever-present book in hand from which he read as he walked, he presented a picture not easily effaced from the memory of his colleagues or the students of the day." Professor McFarland left OSU in 1885 to become President of Miami University.

1885-1902                                                                                          C. Newton Brown

Brown was a student under, and later an assistant for, Robert McFarland. "Professor Brown was a large, handsome, and dignified leader." 

1902-1938                                                                                          Christopher E. Sherman

Sherman was a notable figure and a cousin of Civil War General Sherman. He wore a goatee and often dressed rather formally, with a stand-up collar and bow tie. In the 1929 annual report, Sherman noted that he was personally acquainted with all but a few of the 700 civil engineering graduates of the department.

1938-1947                                                                                          Clyde T. Morris

Tall and slender, with a scholarly stoop, Professor Morris was a dignified man and the very figure of a distinguished professor. During 1920-22, Morris was on leave as chief engineer of design and building of Ohio Stadium. In 2001, Chair Oliver G. McGee III established The Clyde T. Morris Memorial Lobby of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Geodetic Science in memory of Morris' leadership in the evolutionary development of the OSU civil engineering program during the War Years (1938-1947).

1947-1953                                                                                              George E. Large (soil mechanics)
1953-1955                                                                                           Kenneth W. Cosens
1955-1971                                                                                              Hamilton Gray (later Dean of the College of Engineering)
1971-1976                                                                                              Russell Jones (later became President at RPI)
1977                                                                                                      Tien Y. Chen (structures) - January-June 1977
1977-1983                                                                                              Otis Sproul (hydraulics)
1983                                                                                                      Zoltan Nemeth (transportation) - October 1983
1983-1990                                                                                              Robert L. Sierakowski (structures)
1991-1992                                                                                              Zoltan Nemeth (transportation)
1992-1994                                                                                              T.H. Wu (soil mechanics)
1994-2001                                                                                              Keith W. Bedford (hydraulics)
2001-2005                                                                                            Oliver G. McGee, III (structures)
2005-2013                                                                                            Carolyn J. Merry (remote sensing)
2013-2017                                                                                              Dorota Grejner Brzezinska (navigation)

Past Geodetic Science Chairs

1960-1962                                                                                              Robert Oetjen
1962-1964                                                                                              Edward Moulton
1964-1984                                                                                              Urho A. Uotila
1984-1993                                                                                              Ivan Mueller
1993-1996                                                                                              Clyde Goad