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Paula Mouser

Assistant ProfessorCivil, Envir & Geod Eng

Hitchcock Hall
2070 Neil Avenue
Columbus, OH 43210

About Me

Research Interest - Biotechnology, bioenergy, contaminants.

Journal Articles


  • Bibby,Kyle,J; Brantley,Susan,L; Reible,Danny,D; Linden,Karl,G; Mouser,Paula,J; Gregory,Kelvin,B; Ellis,Brian,R; Vidict,Radisav,D, "Suggested Reporting Parameters for Investigations of Wastewater from Unconventional Shale Gas Extraction." ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY 47 23 13220-13221


  • Zhuang,Kai; Izallalen,Mounir; Mouser,Paula; Richter,Hanno; Risso,Carla; Mahadevan,Radhakrishnan; Lovley,Derek,R, "Genome-scale dynamic modeling of the competition between Rhodoferax and Geobacter in anoxic subsurface environments." ISME JOURNAL 5 2 305-316
  • Pearce,Andrea,R; Rizzo,Donna,M; Mouser,Paula,J, "Subsurface characterization of groundwater contaminated by landfill leachate using microbial community profile data and a nonparametric decision-making process." WATER RESOURCES RESEARCH 47


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  • N'Guessan,A,Lucie; Elifantz,Hila; Nevin,Kelly,P; Mouser,Paula,J; Methe,Barbara; LWoodard,Trevor; Manley,Kimberly; Williams,Kenneth,H; Wilkins,Michael,J; Larsen,Joern,T; Long,Philip,E; Lovley,Derek,R, "Molecular analysis of phosphate limitation in Geobacteraceae during the bioremediation of a uranium-contaminated aquifer." ISME JOURNAL 4 2 253-266
  • Mouser,Paula,J; Rizzo,Donna,M; Druschel,Gregory,K; Morales,Sergio,E; Hayden,Nancy; O'Grady,Patrick; Stevens,Lori, "Enhanced detection of groundwater contamination from a leaking waste disposal site by microbial community profiles." WATER RESOURCES RESEARCH 46
  • Elifantz,Hila; N'Guessan,Lucie,A; Mouser,Paula,J; Williams,Kenneth,H; Wilkins,Michael,J; Risso,Carla; Holmes,Dawn,E; Long,Philip,E; Lovley,Derek,R, "Expression of acetate permease-like (apl) genes in subsurface communities of Geobacter species under fluctuating acetate concentrations." FEMS MICROBIOLOGY ECOLOGY 73 3 441-449
  • DiDonato,Raymond,J; Young,Nelson,D; Butler,Jessica,E; Chin,Kuk-Jeong; Hixson,Kim,K; Mouser,Paula; Lipton,Mary,S; DeBoy,Robert; Methe,Barbara,A, "Genome Sequence of the Deltaproteobacterial Strain NaphS2 and Analysis of Differential Gene Expression during Anaerobic Growth on Naphthalene." PLOS ONE 5 11


  • Mouser,Paula,J; Holmes,Dawn,E; Perpetua,Lorrie,A; DiDonato,Raymond; Postier,Brad; Liu,Anna; Lovley,Derek,R, "Quantifying expression of Geobacter spp. oxidative stress genes in pure culture and during in situ uranium bioremediation." ISME JOURNAL 3 4 454-465
  • Mouser,Paula,J; N'Guessan,A,Lucie; Elifantz,Hila; Holmes,Dawn,E; Williams,Kenneth,H; Wilkins,Michael,J; Long,Philip,E; Lovley,Derek,R, "Influence of Heterogeneous Ammonium Availability on Bacterial Community Structure and the Expression of Nitrogen Fixation and Ammonium Transporter Genes during in Situ Bioremediation of Uranium-Contaminated Groundwater." ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY 43 12 4386-4392
  • Wilkins,Michael,J; VerBerkmoes,Nathan,C; Williams,Kenneth,H; Callister,Stephen,J; Mouser,Paula,J; Elifantz,Hila; N'Guessan,A,Lucie; Thomas,Brian,C; Nicora,Carrie,D; Shah,Manesh,B; Abraham,Paul; Lipton,Mary,S; Lovley,Derek,R; Hettich,Robert,L; Long,Philip,E; Banfield,Jillian,F, "Proteogenomic Monitoring of Geobacter Physiology during Stimulated Uranium Bioremediation." APPLIED AND ENVIRONMENTAL MICROBIOLOGY 75 20 6591-6599


  • Gotelli,Nicholas,J; Mouser,Paula,J; Hudman,Stephen,P; Morales,Sergio,E; Ross,Donald,S; Ellison,Aaron,M, "Geographic variation in nutrient availability, stoichiometry, and metal concentrations of plants and pore-water in ombrotrophic bogs in New England, USA." WETLANDS 28 3 827-840


  • Rizzo,Donna,M; Mouser,Paula,J; Whitney,David,H; Mark,Charles,D; Magarey,Roger,D; Voinov,Alexey,A, "The comparison of four dynamic systems-based software packages: Translation and sensitivity analysis." ENVIRONMENTAL MODELLING & SOFTWARE 21 10 1491-1502
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  • Mouser,P,J; Hession,W,C; Rizzo,D,M; Gotelli,N,J, "Hydrology and geostatistics of a Vermont, USA kettlehole peatland." JOURNAL OF HYDROLOGY 301 1-4 250-266
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